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Tharsis' 75 gallon - The Rhode Island Chapter

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So I have maintained a 75 gallon in Colorado and then Indiana over the last few years with pretty much the same set-up.

Here is the link to that thread.

Unfortunately on my most recent move to Rhode Island, all my fish died and I had to abandon my hardscape, so that means I get to have a complete fresh start!

I have gone almost exclusively wood in my scapes and I am thinking that I would like to venture into the world of stone. There is a ton of rock (glacial till) in the woods around my house so I think I may incorporate that. I am thinking the traditional cliffs with the path between them kind of scape.

I am going to go low maintenance on this version, mostly anubias, HM and java fern. Maybe some crypts...not sure yet. But I want it to be dramatic but simple.

I think I will do fire red shrimp and a single small schooling fish like black neons...or harlequin raspboras.

I am probably going rock hunting this afternoon, will post the results!

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