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Other Helpful Links

12. Other helpful links

Build Threads
  1. Hoppy
  2. jcgd
  3. H2oaggie
  4. Schneeball
  5. Salmon
  6. Fizzout
  7. jcardona
  9. O2Surplus
  10. Sns26
  11. Invisigoth
  12. Cheifston (Edge build)
  13. Aqua_diy (Edge 2 build)

Helpful How-To's
  1. A conversation about how to light a 180G. LED choice 180 Gallon tank
  2. The first in a series of how-to videos for assembling a fixture. For a reef setup, but the process is the same for us!
  3. Need ideas to make it pretty? Check out Wastedtime's acrylic housing build.

More Information
  1. O2Surplus' DIY Drivers
  2. O2Surplus' ultimate driver/controller (in progress)
  3. A collection of links to helpful sites (including one from TPT!)

Thanks to jcgd for helping me gather these in one spot!

*What other sites have you found that provide great info for us? Let me know!

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