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Originally Posted by PlantedRich View Post
I was just in line to post a blurb about why heaters may fail so some of the info is relevant to your question about the "bimetal".

While there are various ways to control heaters, this is kind of prepresentive of many brands. This is a really cheap Penn-Plax while others use somewhat better parts but still many use the design and they have the same problems.
This is the layout of the main parts.

Rather than step all over your build I will post the details of heaters in a seperate item.

Your build looks like a nice job that should avoid many of the problems with heater failures.
thanks planted rich i was hoping to eliminate that problem though im not sure too much about it. only heard about it in passing. would definitely be interested to see/read about your thoughts on it.

Originally Posted by MichaelMcG View Post
nice job! thanks for the pics. im going to be doing something like this in the near future. i like how you used a reducer instead of just drilling a hole in something lol. ill have to see what i can do with mine because my submersible heater looks a little thicker than yours.
yeah the other options were to either use a cordgrip through Heyco (which will give you free items to sample, like a 1 time deal for however many) around a heater or use a cordgrip around a cord for heaters with exterrnal temp controls. i opted for the reducer so i could maintain the water line as close as posisble to what is recommended. should this heater fail, the cost of the housing wsa about 9 dollars, so not much. if you have questions please lemme know too and if i can help i will

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