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I love the new light. I'll continue to judge it's plant growth as Hair Grass and Tenellus grow back - tennellus already sent out many runners, which I hadn't noticed. For two weeks in, that's amazing (it took a full month for tenellus to send runners last time).

Riccia is an excellent judge - since it's a very finnacky plant if it doesn't get everything it craves - major nutrient & light hog.

My next scape with this setup will be a full blown stem-driftwood layout, so that'll add another dimension to 'testing.' Though it's hardly necessary - as my confidence level with it is that it just grows everything based on how it has grown Riccia so far.

The only concern is that it might grow hairgrass in too short for the way I want it to display in this layout! I'd actually prefer it with more height. The new hairgrass growth has been tight and smaller in growth.
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