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ok I'll see what I can find....

ok i ordered the NEW amzonia soil 9L and the coralife strip light T5 30".
Now all i have to do is get me an Aquaclear30 filter from a local store and I should be ready to convert the tank.

Can someone help me with the conversion process, maybe walk me through it?
I am hoping i can sell most of my shrimp before i start to convert, but i want to leave roughly 5-6 of my PFRs to live in the new softwater tank that I will make. I realize i am going to be cycling the tank for a while, so i will need to move my PFR out somewhere for a few weeks... should i do that?
can they be put in a breeder net into my 40 gal community? or will my fish get at them through the net? i have a large angel that might damage them by trying to grab them through the net...possible?
thank you!
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