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Originally Posted by KyleT View Post
The mobile site is currently active but it is a bare-bones implementation. There is no Planted Tank theming yet and has in no way been modified to include features that will be required. If you visit the website on a mobile device you should be presented with a link at the top to switch to the mobile website.

For those that are claiming I'm making up the security risks as a guise to add advertisements you are sorely misinformed. TapATalk already has the option for us to add advertisements. It is correct that there are no known security risks with the latest version of TapATalk but there have been numerous security exploits discovered in the past that required us to upgrade multiple times. Like all software there will always be risks and we are simply minimizing our risks be decreasing our reliance on third party software.
I'm sorry, but you just described every piece of software created. Including the forum software that is used, which I might add has a laundry list of security issues, both past that have been fixed and present that still exist.
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