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Originally Posted by lauraleellbp View Post
My understanding is that Tapatalk's security is so weak that users are at risk for having passwords hacked.

If anyone here has ever had their CC #s and bank and email passwords stolen (I have!)- much less been a victim of identity theft- then I'd think you'd be jumping off the Tapatalk bandwagon a whole lot more quickly...

I love convenience, but not at the expense of my personal and financial security.
If your using tapatalk or any unsecured network to send your CC info out your not very bright.
@kyleT what kind of functionality can we expect in the mobile version? Or easier question what functionality will we loose? Is the mobile site also being launched on the 7th?
I am not very happy about this either as I have purchased tapatalk just for this forum. Recently after refusing to do so for a long time mite I add. (More warning would have bin nice)
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