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Alright. Today, I'm looking for a little, mostly unrelated aquarium advice.

One of my cats is obsessed with aquariums. Not the fish. Not the shrimp. He sees it as the ultimate water bowl. He is also fat, clumsy, and stupid. A few days ago, he managed to launch his blubberus body up onto the light fixtures. In his attempt to retreat after being spotted, he dropped a light fixture into the tank. After a few hours or dry time, the fixture was back to working order, and I had to come up with a new idea for the aquarium.

The ghetto light rigging it came with, while effective, put the lighting up a bit higher then I'm looking for at this stage. I'd really rather not raise the lighting for at least a few more weeks while everything settles in. Thusly, I've been hoping retard cat has moved on for his quest of things drinkable. (Seriously, we have 2 other aquariums, he never tries to drink out of those. Just THIS one. >_<)

I awoke this morning, to 2 light fixtures thoroughly underwater and a splash radius of about 2 feet around the aquarium. Including into the power strip. That was plugged in and on. >_< Everything has been unplugged and is drying now, no harm done, this time. For the amount of cat hair floating in the tank, I can only hope he fell in this round, which would account for the massive splashes. But that's no guarantee he won't try it again. He is very stupid. How does one keep the very obnoxious cat from dunking the light strips every 48 hours? As this already has a few immersed plants, a solid cover isn't an option (not to mention I don't like covers on my aquariums, far to fiddly).

Any ideas? Anyone?
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