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I don't and haven't had the diy c02 for quite some time, I recently doubled the size of that tank (I moved all the plants, inhabitants) and so now it is a 20g, my current stock is a female dalmatian molly, and a suspected guppy/molly hybrid, 3 male endlers livebearers/guppy hybrid, 5 neon tetras and two female guppies. There were guppy babies in the tank but I was finally successful in (i think) catching them all and moving them to a fry tank. I will be moving out the neons to a different tank shortly however.

The dalmatian does seem to "pick" at the staghorn, but doesn't seem to be successful in getting any, if anything she is just ripping apart the moss and creating a mess. . none of the other fish pick at it. I had pretty decent flow from my filter and a strip airstone running for circulation, but the powerhead definitely helps circulate much more strongly. From the time I posted this though, it seems some green hair algae is taking advantage of the extra flow and has really taken off. I am going to reduce my lighting and try 4 hours in the morning and 4 in the evening.

I was told the hydrogen peroxide will decompose into water and oxygen after dosing, but didn't want to tank any risks just yet.
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