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Soooo, I've got a dilemma... I haven't been happy with the looks of my tank for a while and at first I wasn't sure what it is, but I've decided that I think it's the light substrate. Well, that and the fact it's not a very visually appealing "scape".

I've got two bags of fluorite dark sitting in the garage and I was all ready to tear down the tank and swap everyone over when a deal came up on a local forum, Ecoxotic 25 gallon rimless cube for $100. It's an all-in-one primarily meant for saltwater but as we all know, that's just a small modification away from freshwater keeping.
Needless to say, I jumped on the deal and it's sitting in the garage

I'm not sure if I should keep my current tank and try to fix the problems I have with it, or immediately press forward and get this Ecoxotic up and running?
I like this marineland but it's pretty basic while the ecoxotic has it's built in filtration, a spot for a heater, water top-up bottles and a skimmer which can apparently be used as a CO2 diffuser all hidden behind a nice black wall which really appeals to me.

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