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Flow to combat Staghorn?

I recently got a bit of staghorn problem when I got stuck in another city for 3 days, and my tank light was on the whole time. It's mostly just invaded the java moss that is closest to the light, and my largest sword plant. A friend told me a good way to combat it was to treat with hydrogen peroxide, and buy a powerhead and increase flow around the affected plants. I did buy the cheap powerhead, haven't done the hydrogen peroxide yet as there are baby fish in the tank and I'm not sure what a safe dose for them is.

Do you figure the flow alone and cutting back my lighting will be enough? I did have a staghorn problem in some vals a while back, but have since removed the vals and my tank was fine until the 3 day lights. This powerhead also has a way to add a tubing onto it, I was told adding c02 will also help kill the algae, but I only have diy, and I'm not sure how much the levels will fluctuate from the day and night, temps can change more than 40 degrees between day and night here, so I'd probably make it worse.

I am manually removing what I can. Any other tips?
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