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Does anyone have mangroves suspended at the top of their tank?

I have Red Mangroves in 55 gallon Brackish tank. I have them suspended at the top to encourage growth of prop roots. They're growing well and I'm periodically raising them to keep the roots reaching for the bottom.

The problem is they are hanging on the side of the tank with knex. Yes, knex, like kid's building blocks. They look stupid and I think I probably have close to a year before they'll be able to support themselves.

I've tried the ideas I've been able to find on line including poking them through styrofoam, tying them to posts and taping a rubber band to the back of the tank.

I need something that is like a plastic hook that attaches to the side of the tank. They can't be tied to a string and hung over the water because they float and end up on their sides. And the hook would have to be immobile for the same reason.

The other issue is the tank needs to be covered so my puffers don't jump. Also I have to be able to spray the leaves with fresh water each day. I have a piece of glass that's cut to fit one side of the 55 and leaves an inch or so in the front and back for the mangroves.

Any ideas?

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