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Originally Posted by lastostyle View Post
Just went to Trop yesterday and no DHG or Baby Tears (i'm also in the market for these). They did have some java ferns, mini swords, swords, wisteria, and java moss ($7). And for shrimp, they had plenty of "Algea Eating Shrimp" ($2.98) and they did have a tank for red crystal shrimp but it was empty.

It was my first trip to Trop, not really too impressed, prices were pretty high imo. They did have some very nice tanks though for a decent price.


Went to the PETCO on N Rainbow today and found some DHG. They actually had a decent selection of plants.
yeah i might need to check out the other PETCO's. I usually don't trust big chain stores because they dont know jack-squat and usually have low quality. Wish the weather would cool it so we can order online
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