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Originally Posted by fishmagnet View Post
First post very new to site and planted wife and I have several tanks but have never done a planted tank before and would like to start on a small scale.
We currently have a new fluval spec V with a beta and some ghost shrimp as well as an african dwarf frog in it.
First off is the stock led light adequate for raising plants in this tank?
If so what plants would you recommend for some newbies like us?
Thanks Eric
Welcome to the site. Planted tanks are great, and fun. Theres a few things you should think about when planning a tank. First, the size of your tank will severely limit what you can grow. Luckily, a lot of beginner low light plants stay small! Like suggested, I would try these:

Java Moss,
Java Fern,
Anubias nana

Will all grow in low light, albeit slow, but will not die off.

The next thing to think about is what is currently in your tank, and if you are willing to redo it. Most people use special premium substrates to line the bottom of their tanks, which contain a lot of the nutrients needed for plants to grow. This is especially important in low tech tanks that wont be dosed regularly with fertilizers. Of course, the nutritional needs of your plants will be lower because of the amount of light and lack of co2, but they still need some of the essentials. Something like eco-complete is all you would really need, and it looks great. Of course you could just throw the plants in as your tank is now, but if you want to get into the hobby, I say do it right. Your betta will certainly appreciate a lush planted tank, I know mine does

Lastly, lighting can be upgraded, so dont worry about that. Especially for a tank this small, a desk lamp with proper wattage and temperature bulbs is had pretty cheap!
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