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Originally Posted by lauraleellbp View Post
My understanding is that Tapatalk's security is so weak that users are at risk for having passwords hacked.

If anyone here has ever had their CC #s and bank and email passwords stolen (I have!)- much less been a victim of identity theft- then I'd think you'd be jumping off the Tapatalk bandwagon a whole lot more quickly...

I love convenience, but not at the expense of my personal and financial security.
Tapatalk is used by millions of users (it's the #1 paid app in Android and #5 in Apple) on 35,000+ forums including security-centric sites such as XDAdevelopers. I seriously doubt that Google and Apple would promote an application with major security flaws.

As a past identity theft victim, I am also concerned about security. After a quick search prompted by your comments, I was unable to locate any un-patched security concerns or any instance of identity theft attributed to Tapatalk. Although I disagree, I'm sure TPT has reasons for the removal of Tapatalk however - I don't believe it appropriate to alarm users with seemingly unfounded concerns about security.


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