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My First OEBT Shrimp Tank (Update 8/2/12 First Berried OEBT)

After setting up my 10 G red cherry shrimp + chili rasbora, and my evolve 4 rili tank + dario dario tanks I couldn't avoid the little voice in my head telling me that I needed just one more tank for my office. So I moved the Evolve 4 over to a book shelf and went out and got a 5.5 gallon tank. I wanted to set this tank up relatively cheaply so I went with a small HOB filter a pump salvaged from a cheap walmart fountain to run a sponge filter and a 50w non-preset heater. Here it is before I received my shipment of moss:

Don't mind the Cardinal Tetras. They will be rehoused in my friends tank (bad heater killed his tank besides these four). I plan on keeping this tank real simple. I plan on adding moss to two of the rocks and planting some trimmings in the back of the tank where the heater is to hide heater and HOB intake. The tank is completely cycled just waiting on the temperatures to decline to order shrimp. Currently deciding between OEBTs and regular tigers. I might add some chili rasboras to the tank but it is most likely going to be a shrimp only tank.

Sorry for the lack of plants in the pictures. My moss was in my mailbox and I need to find time to glue the moss to the rocks.

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