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Nano Dwaf Puffer Tank: Restart

Just wanted to share my dwarf puffer tank. It is a Marineland Eclipse 5 Gallon. A month ago this tank was dead and I had to restart the whole thing. I reused the drift wood and a small fern that some how survived. I set up the tank to cycle and went out and got some plants. Once the tank cycled I added two dwarf puffers. Don't worry they are male and female and get along real well. I am currently dealing with some brown algae on the sand. I don't know if its diatoms or not because this tank was set up for 2 years before the fish in it died and it sat filled with water. Don't mind the plant floating randomly in the middle of the tank. I was trying to plant it in the back but light does not really reach back there so I have to figure out how to plant it so it will get light.

I know I really suck at aquascaping but its hard with the light. Nothing grows in the background.

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