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First tank ever! Fluval Edge 6 gallon

This is my first planted tank and I joined this forum hoping for a little help. I've had aquariums for a while and finally decided to branch into the planted side. I thought I would start simply with a Fluval Edge 6 gallon. I set it up on my desk at my work. Luckily I work at a laboratory so I have access to all the RO water I need and I can do a complete water analysis myself if need be. For livestock I have: 4 raspora, 2 otos, 4 ghost shimp, and 1 snail. I figured I would let them acclimate to the tank before I add many more fish. I am currently using the stock lights and filter system. I usually keep the lights on for as long as I'm at work 8-10 hrs/day. I also added a waterplant C02 diffusion system. It is currently going at about 1 bubble/sec. My pH has been trending between 7.4-7.6. For plants all I have right now is dwarf hairgrass. My questions are these: What can I do to optimize my tank?, What do I need to study/research?, Is there anything I'm doing wrong/how can I change it?

I'm willing to learn and willing to work.
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