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Originally Posted by Somadoll View Post
I don't have any pics uploaded yet

The Pleco is several years old... About 7" long...I didn't realize that he would get even bigger! He stays in his log alot but when he comes out- its apparent that he is the tank boss. The golden severum is very interactive with me (but no one else) he likes for me to pet his dorsal and head before feeding and is generally always trying to get my attention. He wouldn't even eat when I went on a 10 day vacation!
I'd like to put the yoyo in the large tank, but like I said the geophagus is finicky about his bottom dwellers. The geo is still a juvenile so I'm thinking his moodiness will subside in a few months. The yoyo is still a baby-- maybe growing him out before adding him will help his case?

An upgrade IS in the future!! Just not at this current apartment--- I want a 90g and I'm doubtful of the floors here for THAT. But most likely around December I'll be moved and ready to Aquascape

The catfish ARE all fine in the 30g... I guess I was concerned about space in there. The dynamics in both tanks seems peaceful and I don't want to mess too much with it. Surprisingly it is the tetras that seem to be the instigators! But I resolved that by putting all the full bodied tetras in the small tank and all the happy little tetras in the big.

Not sure what the water gh/kh is here. Will find out after the long weekend.
In your opinion, are the tanks suffering in any way just as they are?
Do you know if the Pleco is one of the smaller kinds like the Bristlenose Pleco or something like that. Those only get to 5"-8" which works great. That is good he has a log, it reduces his aggresion. Do you have real wood in there?

Growing out the yoyo before adding him to what?

The tetras may be that way because they don't have enough of them to make them peaceful. When they have sufficient numbers their aggression and socialization is directed towards their own species. They do much better in larger groups of their own species.

I don't think the tanks are suffering necessarily, but I think that the tetras will need to be addressed and something will need to be done. Either picking 2-3 species and having a high number of them or just upping the current numbers. Are your catfish cories? Do you know? Pics maybe? Those would also do better in groups, they hide a lot otherwise.

I'd say if you work on the stocking you will be fine. I don't know much else because you have not given any other information.

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