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Ottos Sluggish

Hi All,

I had a question that maybe you all can help me with, I'm getting concerned about my 3 Otto's. When I first got them, they were very active, seeming to want to taste every last surface of my tank. Now I barely see them, to the point that I check around the tank to see if they've jumped.

Specifics and conditions:

Tank: Mr Aqua 60-P sized
Substrate: Eco-complete (added in a week after otto's were placed in tank)
Hardscape: 3 pieces of drift wood, still leaching some tannins
Other Fish: 15 neon tetras (added in after otto's)
Plants: 5 java fern lace plants, Java moss
Ottos: 3, supplement feeding zuchinni and lettuce

Do you think the neon's could be bullying the otto's? The rare times I see an otto out, they're not very active - but the neon's seem to care less about them.

Any insight on what might be causing this anti-social behavior would help

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