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Originally Posted by awdturbo04 View Post
I want to have the light a good bit above this tank since its rimless and I want it to be able to be viewed with the whole tank including the top open. I also like the whole timing in different bulbs throughout the day and do it on my 75 with good growth. I also know its a novelty but i do appreciate the moon light as well.
It should work. I am using the same amount of wattage and my tank isn't very planted right now. I think the more bulbs the better, even if you only use the all for a short period of time, etc. It gives you flexibility.

I can't vouch for that fixture myself. As said, I don't believe it has the greatest reflectors but that is likely not going to be a problem, if it had amazing reflectors it may cause problems. I have read one person who had issues with the light and I don't know how it was resolved but many people are using them without issues. I think it's fine but my advice is meaningless here lol.

Can't wait to see this going. Looks like it's almost time to fill.
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