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Originally Posted by jreich View Post
People now a days are more into action shots @ weddings rather than the traditional posed shots. Thats what my fiance told me. Lol
Also take lots and lots of pix, i mean thousands. My photographer said she will take over 2k pix @ our wedding. Better odds of having an awsome pic if u take enough.
Good luck!

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That's great. 2000 pictures. How many will be good shots though? Best odds of getting a great shot? Get a photog who is good and lays out a plan. Only time I've ever shot that many was with 3 other shooters. Even then I doubt we got 2000 shots. Average high is 600 per booking for a professional shoot. You only show the client 250-300 of that.

Don't forget the shot sheet. Nail that and the rest will come.

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