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Originally Posted by Kehy View Post
What's the plant list so far?
Originally Posted by crazydaz View Post
Marko....need to know what you are growing and the current conditions you have before we can recommend anything! How much sun does it get, what are the temps, and so on!
excellent point(s).
species so far:
mystery plant (one in the top left of the first pic)
p. helferi
h. tiger
l. sessiliflora
e. belem
m. pteporus trident
u. graminifolia
r. fluitans
xmas moss
c. wendtii brown
c. parva
c. spiralis

receiving bright shade, temps are NJ temps (will vary from 75-100 over the course of the summer), i have not ever misted yet, and nothing is drying out, though the crypts were just planted today.
i tried moving the first setup into the sun for a few hours (to slowly acclimate the plants to sun so they could be grown there where they should grow faster), but when i came back they were yellow and dead. the e. belem grew back from the roots though, and the hygro, riccia, and moss grew back from i dont know what. i guess little bits survived and regenerated.
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