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Originally Posted by Somadoll View Post
Thanks so much for your opinions !!!

The water in tank 1 is @ 81 F and small tank is at 77 F
I do 10-15% water changes bi-weekly whenever possible.
I worried about the betta at first but he's been in the tank for a year and thrives he and the red paradise are always rubbing against each other ( almost flirty) and theres a bunch of floating plants on one side that break the filter flow and they like to hang there when not playing. Hmmmm.... If I can get the geophagus to accept the catfish, I'd have room to get them a school going. How much room do you think I have in there? Have to think about the tetras though...
Do you know the gH and/or kH? If you use tap water and call your water company and ask them for the general hardness or carbon harness or calcium hardness of the water. I'm asking because this really dictates the fish you can keep and their health. I just want to suggest things knowing it will work you know.

The pleco will be fine until hes full grown, then you can maybe upgrade!? always fun! lol

That is really good for your betta. My betta had trouble swimming in the fast current so he is now in a 5 gallon.

Aren't all the catfish fine in the 30? You could put the yoyos in the 55 if you add a lot of cover. Do you have a picture of the tank?

I think you have a decent amount of room to work with in the 55. You can easily have at least 5-6 of each tetra.

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