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Originally Posted by talontsiawd View Post
Looks great, even with the Eheim inlet. The light looks more appealing with water in it, even just water, it somehow doesn't seem as "bulky". Sorry, not trying to hate on the light, I just love the previous ADA lights and don't really get the changes.

Why glosso? I love the plant but in a tank this nice, I just feel you could do something more "exotic", plus I don't like the scale for small tanks. It's actually my go to for non CO2 injected tanks as it still works pretty easily, just doesn't spread well compared to with CO2 and higher light.
Glosso stays smaller under high light and if it's well trimmed....but I could always do Elatine hydropiper...I just really don't like the price point it's at right now. Thanks for the compliments on the tank. I didn't see an issue with the previous lighting system either, but I'm certainly not opposed to this new fixture (plus it's a bit cheaper).

Originally Posted by 150EH View Post
It is a nice setup but I find the green distracting so far but it may just be there are no plants so my eye goes right to the Eheim inlet, I'm painting some black today to hide them a little, there's no way I could keep clear pipes clean.

The plant list looks good to me, some tall hair grass for hiegt in one corner might look nice, I just saw this at club meeting last week and it looked nice, UG is another one that looks nice and maintenance free, good luck.

That light is awesome and even at a low angle doesn't bother you to look at it so it wust just disappear from above.

By the way, all of the additive boxes (Green Bacter, ECA, Green Gain, Phyton Git) smell like hickory smoke bbq sauce to me. Dollface wasn't kidding. Hickory smoke and...radiation. Mmm-mmm good!

I'm want to try all the additives so badly but the cost is hard to get past, now that I know it can be sprinkled on my ribs I might go for it.
The green tubing and inflow are being replaced with the Mini V-1 and clear tubing set. The pipe is on backorder and the tubing (along with my substrate additive pack, which is why it's got just water in it and not a rockscape) hasn't been shipped yet. Getting a spring washer for the pipe cleanliness as well. For how long they last, the additives are pretty cost efficient for the nano tank. I'm sure they'd make some pretty B.A. ribs to boot! The ferts are as's like 4 cents a day on a tank this size.
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