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Originally Posted by Aquaticfan View Post
There is a difference between ich and a bacterial infection though. Ich is not bacterial. It's a form of parasite. Antibiotics have low to no effects on ich. They are not classed as gram positive or gram negative. Bacteria is effected by antibiotics. They are a negative or positive gram based life. Raised temps will speed ich in its life cycle while in some cases raised temps have no effect on bacteria other then making them bloom better. Water changes also may not reduce any of the above.
this is what i thought. i believe ich is a protozoan. i have not done any water changes while treating the ich.

Originally Posted by Bananariot View Post

I think it's a great article. You can control F water change and see for yourself. It's always helped in the past for me and I think it's a pretty standard procedure after dosing any sort of meds or treating for bacterial or ich.

It's also pretty standard for big water changes for invertebrates which are wayy more fragile to do large water changes after treating for bacterial infection. The idea is to remove floating detritus and bacteria from the water column, while continuously dosing, to add fresh non infected water. Just remember to preserve the water quality so that the new water resembles the tank water in pH, gH, etc.
its a great article. i did the search for water changes and i already did exactly what they had suggested. i did a water change before medicating and since my fish showed no signs of stress, there was no need to remove the coppersafe and do water changes during treatment. and afterwards, the article says to do a water change to remove residual drugs, which i planned to do anyhow.
regarding detritus, since i have very few fish and a large amount of nitrate/ammonium sucking plants (frogbit and pennywort), decaying matter isnt really an issue, at least from the nitrate test. the same goes for the other 2, both at 0ppm throughout treatment.
and since ich is not a bacterial infection, doing water changes i dont think will affect it much, as suggested by aquaticfan. if bacterial infections are similar to the initial bacterial bloom in a cycling tank, then in my experience, changing the water doesnt do much at all. the 80% water change resulted in water as cloudy as it was before the change.
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