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Originally Posted by awdturbo04 View Post
What do you guys think about this lighting fixture? Its got some good and bad reviews on here but I herd that the bad reviews were from the old design that had a bad ballast design.

Main question it only comes in a 24 inch and a 36 inch think 24 will be fine?
I think it will be too much unless you raise it. That is pretty dependant on the reflectors. I believe they are not that good in that light, which would be to your benefit most likely.

I use a 24 inch T5HO on my tank (aquatic life) and though I am not sure I am dialed in yet, my light is around 12 inches above the tank if not more. I could probably fit another 20 long in between. I am running two bulbs for 10 hours with a 4 hour non burst on the other two.

I am not getting good growth out of my foreground though. Not sure if it's lighting or the plant (has always grown super slow. I have put other plants in to test and they grew quickly and have good color. I just added HC so once that starts to grow, I may lower it again.

A two bulb fixture would be a better bet but if you are only going four bulbs for a noon burst, you may be happy with that light. I believe, again, the reflectors are not so good which, again, would be to your benefit here. 2 bulbs of T5HO is too much light with amazing reflectors without raising the light.
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