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6.6g New Dirty setup 56k Warning (No longer using dirt)

Haven't had tanks in a While. Used to keep Mini Reefs and it was fun but expensive, and eventually came to the point where the stuff I wanted I could never realistically have, So I left the Hobby for a While.

I like the Dirt tanks Ive seen here, So I went with that.

Picked up what you see above, The Petco 6.6g Bookshelf aquarium, Miracle Gro Organic soil, couple bags of natural brown gravel, Lava rock.

Added the dirt, packed and wet.

Topped with gravel

Moss and Black Lava rock added.

Plant was named "Compacta" Hygrophila corymbosa stricta

Filling it up, I had expected far more brown as Ive read other people have had to fill and drain their tanks multiple times before it started to clear up.

And finally

Im sure itll be cloudy for a couple days. The filter is super silent. Im not really happy with the plants/moss placement. seems far too unoriginal.

Thinking of maybe cutting up the board the fern is on into strips, and making a road affect. possibly surrounding the lava rock with the compacta.

Ideas/comments appreciated.

thanks for reading!.

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