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8G Shrimp tank - Lots of macro photos (56k)

I was looking at these ecospheres and was quite tempted to get one, but then I figured that really what I wanted was the shrimps inside it And as most things in this country are overpriced, I figured I could setup a tank for a lot less.

Ok, I picked up this tank second hand on ebay for 12.50 which is about $20 USD. It included the light, heater and filter. Bargain! I used to own the same model about 10 years ago and kept some tropical fish in it. But yeh, I am trying to do this as cheap as possible.

So I stripped it down and cleaned it. There was only one plug for the whole thing so I modded it so I could have another plug for the light, which I wanted on a timer.

I was planning on keeping red cherry shrimp so I opted for some dark gravel. (In hindsight I would have probably gone for a finer substrate... maybe next time!)

Anyway, I bought 6 kilos of this stuff and 3 large moss balls and a tropical tank start-up kit from API which would help kick start the cycling process.

While I waited for the cycle to finish, I bought a Shrimp gift pack from ebay It contained some Amazon Frogbit, some Alder cones, a couple of small moss balls and a Trumpet snail.

I also found this nice bit of bogwood in a LFS.

I also bought some gutter guard and a riccia plant to make a carpet around the sides and leave a crescent in the center for feeding time - as you will see in a bit, this didn't work out..

By now I had also bought a Nutrafin test kit, a net, a gravel vacuum, a bucket, some tubing, some filter media, a new charcoal filter and some algae wafers.

The photos will be higher quality now as I am using my camera (a fujifilm bridge camera), rather than my mobile phone.

As you can see, I have taken out the mesh as my trumpet snail got stuck in it and I didn't want to endanger anything in my tank. So I will get some slate and do it that way. The snail is fine by the way!

Anyway here is the tank with the shrimps in. I bought 10 and after having them for a few days, I feel this was a good number. I am aware that this number could rise!

The shrimp seem really happy. I will be adding loads of photos to this journal as the tank matures and my plant plans take shape.

This photo cracks me up

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