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Are these real?
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Originally Posted by AquaStudent View Post
Thanks for all the discouragement guys. I don't mean to be rude but I know I'm in a sticky situation but there aren't any other options. They do not have the option of hiring a professional photographer (as great of an option that could be) so I am their best bet. I told her flat out that I wasn't a professional and she replied, "[FONT=&quot]I know tony isn't a professional, am I hope he isn't stressed about doing this!"
You know, everyone is a beginner at some point in their career. I have yet to find someone who was born a prof wedding photog. Expectations are set accordingly. You will NOT charge $7500 or some other random number to someone who can afford it. You can still do your best.

My advice is two-fold... There are a lot of resources available on the net and perhaps your library. Read up because there are some really basic downfalls that you can avoid easily. Pro equipment helps, but isn't that important for the end result. Proper lighting might be your greatest challenge. You need a bit of an artist in you too, an eye for composition, to set up your subjects, to have a nice background, etc.

Second... Perhaps get some test subjects in a similar environment and do a "dry run" and see what you get. Thanks to digital cameras feedback is almost instantly viewable on a monitor, and you might be able to improve on a few key items in just a number of days.

If you are generally interested in practical aspects of photography, check out some of Scott Kelby's books.
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