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55g & 30g tank input, please:)

Hi there! I have 2 tanks on the go and I need some fresh perspectives

1 golden severum, 1 geophagus jurupari, 1 Pleco, 1 albino bristlenose feathertail Pleco, 1 golden algae eater, 3 Rummynose tetras, 3 flathead minnows & 3 cardinal tetras.

1 betta, 1 red paradise, 1 golden algae eater, 1 yoyo loach, 2 emerald catfish, 1 peppered catfish, 1 blacksail catfish, 3 lemon tetras, 2 Von rio tetras, 1 red serpea tetra & 1 head and tail light tetra.

***note: the catfish were intended for the 55g tank but we got a surprise when the always peaceful geophagus immediately got upset with them!

Thanks in advance for any insights!!
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