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Thanks for all the discouragement guys. I don't mean to be rude but I know I'm in a sticky situation but there aren't any other options. They do not have the option of hiring a professional photographer (as great of an option that could be) so I am their best bet. I told her flat out that I wasn't a professional and she replied, "I know tony isn't a professional, am I hope he isn't stressed about doing this!"

I understand how brides will be upset if they don't get any good photos (even if they say they won't). Honestly though, this is her second wedding (and I don't know if she had a professional photographer at the first one) and she's kinda been through the drill before. She's the boss but she understands the situation. If (still just an if) I can get some great shots then this will be a great victory.

To those giving advise, Thanks so much.

@Kai The multiple smaller SD cards is a great idea. That is much safer. I will check out those sites. Crash course in photography much? Personally I'd rather have a crash course in airplane flying or race car driving...wait that may mean something else...

@Ulupica That's how I thought it worked. Thanks for helping me confirm it a bit more. I'll play around with my camera to physically see the results. Thanks

@Elmo The very first picture in the slide show (I tried to find it again on the page but it keeps crashing
my browser for some reason) when first opening the page is probably my favorite (even though not a dancing one). There's a lot of emotion captured. Very cool stuff. It's giving me some ideas.
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