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**JUNE 27th, 2012 Update**

So I saw yesterday morning when I woke up that my one CRS gave birth ... Easily 10~ Candy Canes swimming around!

Also noticed 2 more Berried ladies to go with!

I have to say... this little Breeder box has been excellent!
I put in all 10 of my adults... filled with with moss. I put in two almond leaves... and BAM! Magic!

I stuck with a bare bottom box, I havent fed any food, they are just grazing off the moss, and eating the leaf.

To siphon out the poop I am just using a small air line tubing to keep it minimal.

I'll add some pictures of the new additions soon!

It's been nearly a month on my rili babies, so far they have not coloured yet at all. Still all clear, so I am assuming colouration will show as they mature, and become "teenagers" HA!
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