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with coppersafe there is no need for another dose. i confirmed this with another guy who had used the stuff before. he recommended it to people who had scaleless fish or delicate fish in general. its 1mL per 4 gallons of water (not including displaced volume) and the medicine will stay in the water column for 1 month. the only time to do a water change would be before beginning treatment and after the ich has been dealt with. if i did a water change and redosed, thats just adding extra work and im cheap so i wouldnt want to waste the coppersafe lol. my next water change will just be to remove coppersafe, not adding anything back in as the ich symptoms were gone a while ago. only continuing treatment to ensure its gone.
if bacterial infections present no visible symptoms then i guess it could be that. looking up some bacterial conditions, it seems they all have something visible like lethargy or wasting. the ram that died was definitely well fed and did not have any signs before i left that morning. if it was ich in the gills, that may have killed my other rams, makes sense as the first of the 3 to die was the one that had the most ich issues (even then, visible symptoms werent that abundant after death). the 2nd i am positive was aggression as i saw it happening before lights out in the tank, and the 3rd i have no idea. if there is a bacterial infection that has no symptoms then maybe that could be it? but why did not all the other fish contract it beforehand as well?
anyhow, next water change is gonna be sunday i think. after i let the temp drop back to normal on wednesday/thursday. no more dosing and ich should be set. last visible sign was most definitely last week
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