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Ok, I know I have been "updating" this a lot but not much is changing. I bought some HC today. I made two mistakes that kind of sucked but didn't really matter. First, I bought Amano shrimp which are cool because for some reason, I have never had them. However, I forgot that I was blasting well above normal rates of CO2 because their were no livestock. I turned the CO2 off and they seem to be doing fine. I acclimate for about 2 hours by drip and realized this in the first 10 min, but they stressed for the first hour, calming down slowly.

The second thing was I was planning to plant the HC without water in the tank. I messed that up by buying the shrimp, not thinking about that until I got in the car. A short dry start would have been nice. I am not a fan of growing out HC dry anymore but I do like to get it rooted nice.

As much as I want to complain, it wasn't very challenging. Not that I started with a ton of HC but planting took me about 45 min. About 1/2 is planted deep enough so it doesn't show up well in pics. I get the random ones floating up every now and then and that will go one for the next few days. 95% seems to be staying down well, leaving the rest floating so I can plant as more pops up.

Not a super interesting change, just wanted to take pictures for my own reference. I am very familiar with HC so I know if this grows too slowly, I have an issue. The grass grew horrifically slow so the HC with be the test for me.

Anyway, snapped this real quick.
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