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My first planted aquarium Petco 6.6 Bookshelf Iwagumi (Full Tank Shot 09/27/2012)

Current State of Aquarium (September 27, 2012)

Full Tank Shot (September 10, 2012)

State of Aquarium (August 25, 2012)

Boraras brigittae feeding on Instant Baby Brine Shrimp product

I'm new here, and I've really enjoyed looking at all of your beautiful tanks, and trying to absorb all of the great information.

My tank is the seemingly popular Petco 6.6 gallon bookshelf. It looks like several of us are starting with this tank, and others have used it as their starter tanks in the past. I really look forward to following the progress of others' tanks. I picked mine up about a year ago on sale, and I put in the substrate and some locally collected rocks, but then I let it sit until I could acquire some of the plants I wanted to use. When I went into Petsmart and saw they now carried DHG and other quality plants, I picked up a couple of packs and got started on my tank.

My initial layout is using Flourite and some quartzite rocks. There are kyanite crystals in the quartzite, but these are all sealed completely with no kyanite exposed, and these same rocks have caused no issues in my son's aquarium, so I think they should be safe.

Here is the tank after my initial planting after one week of growth.


Petco 6.6 Gallon Bookshelf Aquarium
Material: "Acrylic" (actually another type of plastic)
Dimensions: 8.13" D X 24" W X 9.25" H

Single 18" Hagen Life-Glo T8, 15W, 6700K, 960 Lumen
Distance above substrate: 8 inches
Estimated Par Value using Hoppy's PAR chart: 75 (medium light) -- I hope my interpretation is correct

Osmocote inserted 2 beads per square inch beneath substrate

NPK (very limited N and K now -- N from fish waste and food and K from GH boost)
Flourish Excel (once plants move to submerged state)
Stopped Excel dosing after pressurized CO2 added

Eleocharis Parvula (dwarf hairgrass) -- primary carpet
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (microsword) -- texture change for base of rocks
Pogostemon Helferi (downoi -- little star) *To be ordered (maybe)
Anubias Nana "Petite" -- accents near rocks -- Removed due to scale
Background behind the rocks
- cryptocoryne wendtii 'green' (will remove if it gets too big)
- Hemianthus glomeratus -- like fine leaf structure of these stems -- these will take awhile to fill in behind the rocks.

Nerite (Zebra) snails (added 08/13/2012)
Amano shrimp (added 08/13/2012)
Otocinclus algae eater (added 08/12/2012)
cardinal or ember tetras or tiny rasboras to be determined -- most likely Boraras brigittae (to be added)
Boraras brigittae (added 08/21/2012)

Added Pressurized CO2 end of July, 2012, 1 BPS
Increased to 2 BPS Aug, 2012
CO2 Tank: Kegco 5 lb aluminum tank
Regulator: Aquatek
Glass check valve and in-line bubble counter: AquaticMagic on e Bay
Backup Check Valve: Cheap plastic LFS check valve

I'm assuming I'll need to upgrade my lighting very soon as I move to the submersed state and for some of the plants on my wish list.
Lighting has remained the same. Due to very shallow tank depth, standard T8 lighting is sufficient. I would like a longer bulb to prevent low lighting near the ends of the tank.

I'm open to any and all suggestions as I'm a complete newbie at this, especially on plant suggestions and light upgrade suggestions.

If this goes well, I would love to do an ADA MINI style aquarium or perhaps a 12G Long.
I have decided to now do a larger ADA tank such as the 60-P.

Thanks so much for all who take the time to share your knowledge.


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