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Been away from the forums a while, but the shrimp are still breeding and growing like crazy! I actually have plans for a 55g tank. ALSO I will be thinning off some CBS and maybe a few CRS shrimplets soon and I'm willing to trade some of them for low to medium light plants so if anyone's interested pm me.

Major update pix
There's a bit of an aponogeton takeover going on right now, lol

Frogbit, salvinia, riccia mat, and pothos plants

And the shrimp, I seriously have to get a pic of feeding time soon because they all just come out of I don't even know where...but it's an epic swarm! Maybe tomorrow.

Super tiny newborn shrimplet!

And my HUGE ugly CRS that I've had since the first batch, she still has pretty babies though! Just never got the color back from being shipped I guess.
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