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New Plants @ Petsmart

FYI: if anyone is annoyed of me posting these things i find, please let me know i will stop :P
I just thought id share good news with what i find when im at fish stores :P

Petsmart (atleast where i live in harrisburg) is now carrying plants in what looks like air tight vacuumed plants. Why am i sharing this? Because i found some VERY nice looking plants. They come in flat packages that look like the air has been sucked out of the plastic which creates a tight seal (***i could be wrong about the tight seal, i just saw it with my eyes i didnt check the package). The insides look moist cause i can see drops of water on the package. They have swords, Dwarf hair grass, Micro swords, Bocopa. (atleast those are the ones i remembered on top of my head)
The most impressive i thought was the Dwarf Hair grass, they looked VERY healthy. Although you only get about 1" of it, its about 1"x4-6" in package length.

*Package also had a print stating that the plants are "fully submerge able" reliable is that? beats me. its petsmart.

Heres the catch: 7.99 i believe it was per package.
I would never pay that much for one because i know i can get it cheaper on this forum. But i was very tempted to grab some DHG and this other plant called "Telanthera Cardinal" which looks like a reddish brown plant.

Just thought id share

*** This is not the plants in the weird cylindrical plastic tubes with water crystals on the bottom*** <--- im pretty sure these plants were grown immersed...i purchased one of their "peacock moss" and that never survived for me, causing me to never buy again.
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