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hahaha bill :P

like i mentioned i havent been to those stores in 2 years. Except for Captain nemo's reopening and Giant Aquarium. And i can bid for giant aquarium as a MUST see small fish store (its literally someones house converted into a fish store).

If your in center city then the fish stores near you are Monster Pets and Giant Aquarium. Monster Pets is just a big fish store with other pet products, nothing special but if ur just looking for somewhere to go feel free. Giant aquarium is a must like mentioned above.

There are NO fish stores in china town. There was one. but im pretty sure they didnt do well. The sign is still there and the tanks are still there but the door is locked. Its located above a hair salon. U can go up the hall way and look through the door and find a nice tank filled with healthy java moss but thats pretty much all u can see. The tanks still up and runing but the store is closed.

Im pretty sure they're a supplier of fancy illegal red arrowanas :P!!! u didnt hear it from me. just an assumption from asians (im asian)
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