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Originally Posted by Aheartlessfish View Post
Fish stores you want to visit:

1. Captain Nemos - Norristown PA: yes someone else owns it now old owner passed away with cancer. Its not the same, but still have good stuff. Prices might be jacked up a bit.

2. Monster Fishstore (forgot the name) - Columbus Blvd i think is the street (near ikea)

3. Aquarium store that discusonly is talking about is def worth the trip if your into monster fish. - around 7th/tasker street. (or was it 6th?)

Google those 3 places (they are all in the philly area, Captain nemos is further from the other two)

4. Bill's aquarium. <--- LOL!
1.) it's now pets plus, oh, i'm sorry, "nature's pet" because the pets plus name is so bad around here anymore. so this one's crap

2.) Monster pets, heard nothing but negative things about their stock.

3.) Giant Aquarium. if van says it's cool, then it is definitely cool

4.) AWESOME PLACE!!! great plants! nice inventory!! but, then again, i MAY be biased

5.) pets plus -red lion/blvd. CRAP. never seen so many dead animals in a pet store before.

but seriously, in center city, there's not much around. at least not for planted tank folk.
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