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haha for those who care, i found some nice bulbs!

apparently lowes sells 6500k CPL screw on bulbs! I grabbed the 23 watt one (quite large) went home and tried to put it in the unit but the metal thing (cheap house reflector) prevented it from screwing on. I ripped it out and it gave more room for the light bulb. I had a thin sheet of reflector laying around so i bended that and threw it right above the light.

Pros: i have super bright 6500k 23ish watt bulb in my fixture
Con: I dont think it was recommended to put a bulb with that many watts in the original fixture. On top of the fixture where there are vent holes is very hot to the touch. Im gona have to keep an eye on this to see if it will "melt" or not. Coralife's current mini fixture which takes 18 watts total of cfl bulbs gets dangerously hot. This one is getting there but lets see where it goes.

Tank looks alot like an aquarium now ^^ Id post pictures but someone took my SD card for their camera
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