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No need for a picture update but the tanks are clean.

On the 20 long:
1. I have decided to go with some HC. This grass just isn't working for me. It just grows super slow. I have put in enough plants to make sure their is no other issues with CO2 or light. Not saying it's 100% right, but other plants have grown fine. I am going to keep it in, I am just going to plant HC as well. It's always worked for me which is one of the reasons I didn't use it at first, I have been their done that.

2. I am thinking about putting in a sand "river" down the middle, slightly to the right. I have never mixed substrates like this before so I want to be sure. Anyone have opinions? I know it's been done and it doesn't look "real" but it would break up the scape a bit. My only hesitation is I can't easily go back if I don't like it. Opinions?

New pics (that look the same):

On the 6 gallon:
I am really just moving stuff around and planting what little I have. This isn't really supposed to be a natural style aquarium. Not that I am against it if it turns out that way, I just want something with stems in it, something with some color. It seems to be doing well so far, no algae, growth isn't crazy but there is some, not really noticeable in the pictures. It will not really look like much until the foreground grows in. The wood looks too big, I will see how that goes over time. The rock is just there for now, I am playing around with what I have. I will see how I arrange things as needed

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