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Originally Posted by Geniusdudekiran View Post
How do you like the AQUASKY?
I haven't had a chance to see its effect on plants yet or the illumination of the tank when filled/planted/scaped, but I like it as far as first impressions go. It's bright without being too bright and is very aesthetically pleasing. The light concentrates itself pretty well also. My only real quirk about the unit is the orientation of the transformer that plugs into a power outlet. It's kinda like this and the way my timer/power strip is oriented I can only use my solenoid adapter and it (I have need for another timed outlet for the lighting on the 10g and don't really want to buy another timer for the strip) at the same time (2 out of 4 sockets). I really wish they made transformers more compact or at least oriented more conveniently. Otherwise, I'm quite pleased with the fixture at current. Very reasonable for the price as far as quality and tank pairing is concerned.

By the way, all of the additive boxes (Green Bacter, ECA, Green Gain, Phyton Git) smell like hickory smoke bbq sauce to me. Dollface wasn't kidding. Hickory smoke and...radiation. Mmm-mmm good!
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