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Ah nice!

Funny you mentioned Guppies. That was my original choice for my 'comeback' int other hobby. I was overwhelmed by all the new strains...there were the Snake Skins, Sword Tails, Black Moscow, etc. I had narrowed it down to a few that I wanted to start with but somehow came across the Endlers which caught my interest given their unique background and uncommon coloration/patterns.

I have three N-Class strains (Top Bar Red Chested, Species #2, and Snake Chested) that can be traced back to AdrianHD. I can and have verified the lineage of the Top Bar Red Chested and Snake Chested. I am still working on the Species #2 though, apparently it went through a few set of owners (including me I have verified 5 people so far). I would not necessary say 'breed', but I am interested in being able to set-up a self-sustaining colony with the intent of bringing in 'new blood' every so often of similar strains from different sources.

While some people argue the case that it is 'bad' for the fish to let strains mix, I have also considered creating an overflow community tank that I'll just throw whatever excess frys (from main tanks) all together and mix. In theory, that is more or less, how they would be in the 'wild'. It is not like they know whether they are 'Black Bar' or whatnot. In addition, ultimately, they would still be 100% Endlers with no guppy blood.

Shrimps have been VERY interesting and unique creatures to observe in the tanks. In fact, given my short experience with Amano and Ghost Shrimps...I now have some Fire Reds that should be coming my way to add to my tanks. Lol. Did I mention that I got a 20L, 29, and 40B (just got it today...couldn't help it, it looked SO proportionally useful) from the current Petco sale? Haha.
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