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Originally Posted by Uptown193 View Post
Hi nice setup. I dose with ADA's ECA for my red plants and it works great. I also do not think you need to dose if you do not have any plants yet. I did the same water change reg, with ADA's products and within 2 weeks I had perfect water parameters to add fish. I also use Pfertz products like yours and use one pump of each 5 days a week, 2 pumps after a water change. I now do water changes every 4 weeks and my water is crystal clear. The filter is the most important factor. Keep up the good work.

P.S. Try to center the tank under the light somehow and cut the end that is hanging over about 4-5". Sorry, I have a close eye to detail. :-)
I'm not dosing yet as my tank isn't up and running yet... I thought that was assumed.

So you dose 7 pumps each weekly of the Pfertz line. I may reschedule slightly from my 6 pumps weekly if I find I don't have to do water changes weekly like you (which would be nice!)

Haha, you do have a close eye! I had moved the light forward on the hanger to prevent the back one from slipping off the bend. I picked up some gaskets today to slip over the pipe to prevent this. And yes, I will be trimming the end of it as I said. It is 5" to long and I lined up the bender at the wrong end of the corner.

Thanks for the help,
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