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Went to Win, 123, and Aquastar today.

Tank full of otos -$1.75 each
Crystal Red shrimp (mixed grades, the white on them was not the best) - $10
Sakura cherry shrimp - 10 for $20
Algae shrimp (wild neos probably, one was berried in the marbled crayfish tank) - $1.50
Really teeny 3-spot microrasboras (babies probably) - $2.00
Cardinal neon tetras - $1.00
Tropheus duboisi - $8.00
Iridescent sharks - $4.00 I think
baby goldfishes (comets, etc) - $1.00-$2.00 I think
Had honey gouramis and kribs but didn't catch the price.

The usual assortment of blood parrots, flowerhorns, plecos.
Rummynoses, Tropheus duboisi ($10), ~2" amano shrimps ($4.00), cherry shrimp (but a couple dead in the tank)
small,long, snake-like loaches (name started with a 'C' and ended with an 'O' I think) - $3 I believe.

African giant filter shrimp - $12
cherry shrimp - $2
~2" amano shrimp (labeled as algae shrimp)- $2.50
Crabs fully submerged in water (not sure what kind) - $3
Adult red rainbowfish - $19.99
Albino iridescent sharks and lots of other random fishes but nothing really caught my eye.
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