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ADA 120H + 60p

Seems a bit narcissistic on my part, why would anyone want to read what a beginner like me has to say about a planted tank. Years ago I gave it go and I was very successful at growing all sorts of unpleasant algae and some things that have probably never been discovered by science, I wish I had pictures, I guarantee you that these pictures will make you a believer in aliens from a far, far a way galaxy. I digress, I am giving it go one more time, this time itís a bit different, I read and read and read until I read the whole internet(s), not quite, but I did read quite a bit, not that that is going to make me successful, but it will increase the odds, that along with my hard head should eventually help me grow something green other than algae and those alien things (if I fail I should sell those alien things on ebay, some fool with certainly give me $1.59 with $4.31 for shipping and handling, to recoup my losses). I should also mention that Frank from ADG has spent numerous hours answering all my questions and providing me with guidance. (Aquarium Design Group of Houston = Best customer service I have ever received). Now for the equipment; I am not going to list every little item, as most of you know what itís needed. But in short, I ordered an ADA 120H, with an ADA filter, lighting, CO2 system, substrate and everything else I needed or thought I needed. I did look at other manufactures, including custom built tanks and the like, I decided on ADA because of the customer support from Frank at ADG. I have built my own stand and will post pictures of that for your critique. I am hoping I get my tank etíal in the next 3 weeks, I will then start taking pictures of the steps I am following, lessons learned, Etc. I will like to know if you are interested in this kind of journal, I am not claiming that you will learn anything from my writings, but I can, with a great degree or certainly say that I will make you laugh at least one time and probably cry as I write this journal from a beginners aqua-escapist (if I can call my self that) and from a failed philosophers point of view. Now I wait until I get my tank. Pictures will come soon and I hope to be of some entertainment to you.

Updated: Immages of a prototype stand i built for the 120H. I will take some better pictures once i have the tank, etc.

Please let me know what you think of it

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