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Originally Posted by icepotato89 View Post
the boss sold off these two tanks. i was really sad to see the tall one go because the moss was just starting to look really good. oh well...

the up side is i get to set up 2 more edges. we're still waiting for the shipment of the 46L ones so i set up the 23L edge today. it has white silica sand, malaysian driftwood and lots of anubias nana. fish are whitefin tetras.

This tank is so nice with all the Anubias! What will the maintenance be?

1. CO2 or Excel or Nothing for a carbon source?
2. Fertilization regime EI or just Trace Elements alone maybe?
3. Water changes?
4. Will it be prone to algae since Anubias are slow growing?

Please give info since I would like to replicate it! Thanks!
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