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Ozy's nano HC Meadow


Tank: No name 5 gallon cornerless
Light: Innovative Marine Skkye light 8w
Filter: Finnex px-360 with noname lily pipes
Co2: Paintball regulator with offbrand atomic diffuser 45mm
Substrate: AS amazonia powder with bacter 100 and super clear
Ferts: None right now, possibly liquid dosing later if needed

Same 20 liter no name rimless tank with a new scape. I am trying to figure out HC and this will be my second attempt. The first time was not bad, it just took forever to get anywhere in inert sand. This time I am using Amazonia powder with bacter 100 and superclear in the soil. This is the same HC from my previous attempt, I uprooted the mat and replanted it very badly. The scape didn't look good either. I tore it back down today and came up with this:

The HC is not in the greatest condition right now, but I am hoping it will survive. I couldn't find a large enough primary stone, so I played around with the small stones I had. I'm not so focused on the stone arrangement as just getting a nice even HC carpet. I can work on my rock work with a future scape. I plan to document the growth in this journal.

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