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20 Gallon Water Garden

I started to talk about this on xenxes' Balcony Planter 24g thread. diwu13 suggested I start my own journal, and I didn't want to steal xenxes' thunder (not that I really could, his water garden is gorgeous!).

I'm in Cleveland, OH and it can get into the 90s, but it doesn't typically doesn't last too long. I lost my fish last year during a warm spell and I wanted to help prevent that from happening again. That's why I put the water container in a wine barrel surrounded by dirt to help insulate it. I also have some floaters to help block the sun. I successfully bred LOTS of RCS last year, so I have more of those in there as well. There's a submersible pump in there to keep the water circulating.

Unfortunately I have to keep the raccoons out with a grill, so it isn't too attractive all the time.

Here's a look inside:

I've thrown a little of everything in there. Some tropical, some collected locally.
  • Potamogeton nodosus
  • Polygonum hydropiperoides
  • Pontederia cordata
  • Ludwigia palustrus
  • Ludwigia repens x l. arcuata
  • Ludwigia sp 'Red'
  • Hydrocotyle sp. japan
  • Hygrophila polysperma var 'Sunset'
  • Pistia stratiotes
  • Carex morrowii

I'm hoping to rush the "filling out" process so I don't have to battle algae all Summer. I also plan on doing some collecting while I'm in FL early August.
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